to make it extremely straight and therefore cannot lift the same as natural straight.


Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is hair from mixed donors. Our virgin has no synthetic fibres and can be bleached to #613 professionally.

With proper care the hair can last you 3+ years.


How many bundles will I need?

Because of how thick our bundles are you get more for less.

12 - 16 inches - 2 Bundles

18 - 30 inches - 3 Bundles

32 - 36 inches - 4 Bundles

Please note this may vary depending on your closure and frontal size. 


How do I get opt in for colouring? How do I get it discounted?

Please add the colouring option to basket and checkout with it.

Then email us your order no., full name, with the words Desired Colour, and attach the colour you would like your order coloured too.


Subject: Order No. #1001, Jane Done, Desired Colour.



Check our colouring page for colour inspo here.